TERUPA Real Red Bean Extract Tea

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A great coffee alternative

This Red Bean Extract Tea has the bold taste of coffee without the caffeine. It's nutty smooth flavor tastes delicious whether served hot or cold and can be served all year round.

The pouches are perfect for travel, work school.etc since they easily tear open. You just add 300 ml of water and sip away. The red beans are roasted to perfection. I love that I can have this at the end of a long day and not have to worry about feeling jittery.


If you're looking to lose weight or reduce swelling this spring and love a nutty, toasted coffee flavour, then this is for you.

Each serving of this caffeine-free coffee alternative contains only 2 calories and is made from 99.98% red bean extract and 0.02% grapefruit seed extract. It's even free from artificial colours, flavours, chemicals, and preservatives.

It comes in super convenient, on-the-go packaging and can be drank as either a hot or cold brew tea. No steeping is required. Just tear, pour, and enjoy!

Since I am not very big on coffee, I like that this has a very mild coffee-like flavour, and so I only need to add a small amount of sugar.

Aleeza Mirza
Love the taste

Oh my goodness I am absolutely in love with this red bean tea. I love taking it hot and it tastes absolutely lovely and I really like the aroma.

Calming Cup Of Tea

TERUPA Real Red Bean Extract Tea is a unique beverage 100% Caffeine-Free.It has incredible benefits and deliciousness that tea can bring to our daily lives,a delightful alternative to coffee that offers a perfect blend of flavor and health benefits.

I am a tea lover and for those seeking a caffeine-free alternative to traditional coffee,this tea is an intriguing choice.Made from red beans that are roasted like coffee beans,it offers a similar taste profile without the caffeine kick.So if you're looking to wind down after a long day or just want a change from your usual cup of tea,this tea is worth considering.

The benefits of this caffeine-free red bean tea are numerous promoting overall health,low in calories without any added caffeine or artificial additives.This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold,making it a versatile addition to your daily routine.

So why not try it for yourself? Fill your kettle with boiling water and pour over your red bean tea for a delicious and healthy alternative to coffee.

Taisha Choudhari
Great guilt free pleasure

Discover the wonder of amazing Red Bean Cold Brew, a delightful solution for swelling and weight loss issues. With its nutty, toasted flavor, it's the perfect caffeine-free substitute for coffee lovers. Enjoy it in three simple steps: Tear, Pour, & Enjoy, anytime and anywhere. Plus, with only 2 calories per serving and no artificial additives, it's a guilt-free indulgence. Roasted to perfection, it mimics the robustness of coffee without the caffeine kick. Experience pure goodness in every sip!"