Prioritizing nature and humanity, VONBEE has flourished through the love of our customers.

With a heart forever grateful to flowers, nature, and our patrons, we are steadfast in our commitment to produce only delicious and healthy products.


This is a "Functional Caffeine-Free Alternative Coffee Liquid Tea", a product that delivers the taste and aroma of coffee, extracted using the cold brew method. It's designed for those who love coffee but are sensitive to caffeine.

0.00000 % Caffeine

This is a hazelnut-flavored coffee, containing 0% caffeine, made by optimally roasting a combination of barley and chicory.

Chicory Root 

The chicory root contributes a healthy and rich sweetness to the blend. Rich in carbohydrates and protein, chicory root contains 80% dietary fiber. Furthermore, "Inulin," a sweet substance derived from the root extract, enhances the beverage's taste.

Korean Barley

Korean barley, with its deep flavor and substantial body reminiscent of coffee, also plays a crucial role in the blend. Barley, a grain rich in dietary fiber and abundant in beta-glucan, when roasted, produces a taste very similar to coffee.


Reviewed on walmart.com

I like the taste and ease of preparation. Compared to many other lemon ginger tea I have tasted, Vonbee honey citron ginger tea is the best! I wish it would come in smaller sizes because once it is opened, it needs refrigeration. To save refrigerator space, ease of being able to store in any of the shelves of the refrigerator and be able to handle the weight, especially for senior citizens, I will prefer it to come in smaller sizes.


Reviewed on influenster.com

This is true Korean Citron tea. My family lived in Korea for a few years and outside of Korea this is the first Citron tea mix that has the same flavor I remember. This can also be used for a few other things (it's a huge jar and I am the only one who drinks it here). It can be added to marinades, dressings and sauces. It is sweet and tart all at the time. To make the tea a boil water and add a big heaping spoonful of the tea to my cup, pour the  water over and let it steep for a bit, I eat the fruit rind left in the cup, but some people discard it


Reviewed on ebay.com

Love Citron, Love Honey, Love Ginger! Tried this at our new Costco and loved it. Only problem it was a one time product to get customers into the store. Well it worked. Next problem where can I get more. Well I found it and the price is okay. Love It! Love It! Love it! And I have shared it with everyone I know. Also gave web address to others.

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