KYPHI pursues not only healthy skin, but also a healthy lifestyle.

We utilize the scent of nature to help restore the skin's inherent strength.

Aroma technology that helps restore the natural strength of your skin.


Contains 'Ionone', a Patented Fragrance Ingredient. Promotion of Skin Elasticity


Contains 'Undecane', a Patented Fragrance Ingredient. Improvement of Atopic Dermatitis


Non-irritating to the Skin. All Signature Rebooting Line products use EWG green-rated ingredients and pass the non-irritating primary skin test.

Vegan Derma 

Vegan Derma Cosmetics. All products in the Signature Rebooting Line have obtained the vegan certification (EVE, France)

Shu Miller


This moisturizer is so nice that I feel guilty using it on my body. I did use it the first time on face and neck out of curiosity. It's just as effective as any of my face lotions and potions and contains many of the same key ingredients. It is awesome after a shower, though. It's more gel like, a little goes a long way and it sinks right in leaving your skin feeling truly moisturized vs. something greasy that just sits on top of your skin. After hours, my skin still feels supple.

Lily Shain


The first time I used this, I was really taken aback by the scent. Am I baking? What is that? The second time I was prepared for it, and the third time I fell in love. It's a relatively strong scent, so if you avoid scented products, this isn't for you. The smell itself is mainly coriander but there are notes of something else - maybe slightly fruity. I thought it was weird at first but now I actually find it enjoyable and relaxing.

Tanya Moore

Marketing Manager

I'm pushing 40, and have some fine lines on my forehead and corners of my eyes, therefore I'm on a perpetual hunt for a heavy moisturizer that will soften my skin lines so I can postpone medical grade injectable until my 50's. This is a cream-mask that can be either slathered on and washed off or worn all day if applied thinly. This product is like your typical cream for very dry skin - it feels very deeply moisturizing and softening. It absorbs well, leaving a radiant finish on the skin, so if you're very oily this will be too heavy for daytime, but for a dry skin person this is a godsend.

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