YADAH Cactus Toner Pads

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All in one moisturizing toner pads containing 87% 🌵cactus extract instead of water provides moisture and locks it in.

Full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties it will help soothe your skin.

Including Betaine Salicylate and Allantoin they effectively remove impurities, gently exfoliate and unclog pores.

The flip lid jar contains 60 pads made with 💯% cotton pre-moistened in a whole bottle of Cactus 🌵 Mosturizing Toner. They are hypoallergenic and have a pH level of 5.5 which is suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones.

✔️ 13 EWG Green Graded Ingredients
🐇 Cruelty Free
✔️ Free of Alcohol & Parabens
✔️ No Artificial Colorants or Scents
✔️ Vegan

I like the convenience of these toner pads which are so refreshing on my skin and cooling especially when refrigerated beforehand. They are very soothing and leave my skin so clean and soft afterwards. The cotton pad is gentle, great size and perfect for everyday use, they can even be used as a partial mask.