WHEN Wheat-y-Polish Enzyme Powder Wash with FerMi Meal

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Jessica Zaccak

I've always want to to try a powder wash and this was amazing!

This cleanser comes in the form of a white course powder resembling powder detergent.  Just shake a small amount out of the little bottle and add tiny bit of water. The powder dissolves as you mix it and becomes a luxurious silky, cream cleanser.  Skin is left so soft, clean, and glowing.

I loved it 😍

Derived from traditional Korean wheat and vegan ingredients, this powder wash, when combined with water, forms a foam and deeply cleans pores and dead cells.  Especially if you have oily and porous skin like me, this powder wash will please you enough.  I loved this powder wash, which gently removes excess sebum and dirt without drying the skin.  Also perfect for sensitive skin.  It did not irritate my active acne, on the contrary, it soothed it😍
❤Thanks to its minimal and convenient packaging, it is a powder washing product that I will often prefer, as it is easy to carry with me, especially on long plane trips or on holidays.

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Mags spruce
Love it

This wheat y polish is such a fun product to use. It's gentle and good. Doesn't hurt my skin.

A must have

I love the wash ! It feels so great on my face and cleanse my face without any irritation on my face and neck !

Linh Tran

This powder wash worked so great on my skin. I have sensitive acne-prone skin and it did not get breakouts after using this powder wash. My skin felt soft and clean. This powder wash doesn't dry out my skin. I highly recommend it!!