WHEN Tetra-Biome Cream Serum with SynBi Complex

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Love it💚

🤍✨Tetra-Biome Cream Serum with SynBit™

💚YES prebiotics – works around skin microbiome balance. It also works very well for acne-prone skin in my experience, as these ingredients boost the skin's protective function and protect it from harmful microbes.

Serum contains SynBit™ Complex - a quadruple probiotics formula combined with prebiotics derived from a plant (Chicory) - works around skin microbiome balance (Bifidobacterium), brightening (Lactobacillus), anti-aging (Lactococcus), and strengthening the skin barrier (Streptococcus).

Designed for optimal skin health and anti-aging benefits, this creamy serum will help to brighten the skin tone and protect the barrier, hence helping the skin regain its balance and health. It works perfectly on all skin types and what is very important: No artificial coloring, fragrance, and no preservatives. Green color comes from Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract.

It has a milky, creamy texture that clings to the skin like velvet and gives a beautiful glow all day.

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Leah O'Byrne
So good!!

This gorgeous serum has a creamy consistency and a soft chicory/licorice scent to it that fades quickly. It absorbs really nicely without leaving any tackiness or oiliness. This serum ended up working so well with my skin. Very soothing and helped immensely with a damaged skin barrier, which is something I often notice with skincare containing probiotics and prebiotics. I definitely noticed a lovely brightening effect and much glowiest skin after using this serum for a few weeks.

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Probiotics, Nutrients for Your Face

WhenBeauty x NordHive/Alc21 Collab
When TETRA-BIOME CREAM SERUM with SynBi Complex 30ml. Microbiome Science for the Skin. “Experience Elegance in Every Touch”
SynBi Complex 3%
4 Types of PRO-BIOTICS Formula:
Bifidobacterium- skin micro balance
Lactobacillus- brightening
Lactococus- anti-aging
Streptococcus- barrier strengthening
& 1 plant derived Prebiotics from Chicory, balance a healthy microbiome.
Shea butter, Jojoba Oil, HA, Peptides
Creamy serum helps minimize signs of aging wrinkles & overall skin issues. SynBi Complex optimizes skin health, brightens & protects skin barrier. Luxurious milky serum strengthens skin immunity with anti-wrinkle benefits.

I Enjoyed this velvety serum as it has NO artificial fragrance, colouring, or preservatives. The natural green tint is from Neem Leaf Extract. A slight natural fermented scent, dissipates upon application. Benefits all skin types. My combo acne prone skin drank this Luxurious elixir up; my skin felt softer and more hydrated. Superb anti-aging & brightening Kbeauty silky face serum that strengthens skin microbiome

Alissa A.
My skin is loving this

Saying my skin loves this serum is an understatement. The texture of the formula makes my skin baby soft and soooo smooth. I love the unique ingredients and benefits. My skin also looks more radiant and definitely more hydrated. I love the aesthetic of the bottle too.

Amanda B

This is a creamy, nourishing serum that absorbs quickly into the skin. It isn't greasy and it leaves my skin so soft! It appeared brighter and radiant. I like the frosted packaging and the slight curve on the applicator.