WHEN Simply When Vegan Certified Sheet Mask

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Naz J
Best masks ever

Im in love with these amazing vegan masks!!
Been sheetmasking for a week now and can totally see awesome reuslts

Game changer

Ah I love this mask this is so good. It's a game changer trust me. So soothing for your skin.

Leah O'Byrne
So refreshing!

After using all 5 of these masks, I can honestly say they all left my skin feeling quite similar afterwards despite all having different functions. I think with extended use, their individual benefits would be more noticeable. All of them left my face very soothed and hydrated without any burning or irritation. They were all very saturated in essence which didn't leave any stickiness on my skin. The most noticeable difference was definitely the Volcanic Ash mask. Not only was it black in color from the charcoal, it was extra large as well! I usually find that sheet masks are too wide for my face, but this one was considerably larger than any sheet mask I've ever used. So if you're in need of a larger than normal sheet mask, definitely check out the Volcanic Ash mask! I think my favorite of the bunch was probably the Citron mask. It has a subtle citrus scent and felt so refreshing on my skin!

Forum Viren Parikh
Amazing masks

I loved these masks for the extra radiance it provided to my dry skin and showed great results almost immediately. It was easy to apply and the fact that they are vegan is amazing.

Good relaxing mask

This green tea face mask is so good for the irritating skin and it give you instant results.
I am in love in these mask😍😍