WHEN Simply When Soft Cotton Linter Bemliese Sheet Mask

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Heather Bursey
Great sheet masks

These masks are great and very easy to apply. They are loaded with essence as you can see in my video. I applied the mask for 20 mins and my skin felt so refreshed and moisturized. These masks are so soft and were very gentle on my sensitive skin. I love the nice variety of masks they have. Using these masks was so refreshing for my skin. Each mask is made with ultra soft 100% cotton linter Bemliese fabric sheet. They are also biodegradable & eco-friendly.

Kathy Rome
Great masks

I love how these masks adhere well to my skin and stay in place. They are soaked with the perfect amount of essences, not too wet not too dry. After using these masks my skin feels hydrated and nourished. I love the great variety of masks that When Beauty offers, they have a mask for each and every single of my skin needs.

Rhea Deanon
so gentle

I’m not into face mask because my skin feel irritated after but the cosmic calm mask is soothing and gentle on the skin. Dermatologist tested and vegan. My skin feel smooth and soft after I love to use after my tiring day.

Arina Solovyeva

The luxurious softness of the fabric sheet ensures a gentle and soothing experience for all skin types. From oily to dry, this mask delivers hydration and nourishment without irritation.

After just one use, my skin felt remarkably smoother and softer, with a noticeable improvement in hydration levels. The mask’s ability to lock in moisture and deliver essential nutrients left my complexion radiant and revitalized. Whether you’re battling dry patches or dullness, this sheet mask is a true savior.


Simply When Future Fresh Smooth Out Sheet Masks

100% Vegan Certified Mask, accredited by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services, Inc., and formulated with unique Korean ingredients from Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
🫰Smooth mask fabric face mask is a great tool for maintaining skin health. It provides a pleasant feeling of hydration and refreshment, suitable for different skin types. After use, it makes the skin smoother, softer and more radiant. I recommend it!