VEGANUS Forest Calming Tone Up Cream

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A pretty finish that's Lightweight yet hydrating

VEGANUS Forest Calming Tone Up Cream, A fantastic moisturizer and tone up cream. I like the pearly finish that the tone up cream gives. It does have a  herbal type scent. It’s not bothersome but would prefer fragrance free. The vegan formula is infused with 3  sprout extracts to brighten without irritation.

Glycine Soja Sprout: soothes, strengthens & keeps skin bright
Wheat Sprout Extract: anti-aging keeps skin moist & clear
Broccoli Sprout Extract: slows skin aging, brightens & enhances elasticity
Viscum Album Extract: enhance tone, accelerate regeneration & skin soft
Houttuynia Cordata Extract: anti-aging,  keeps skin moist  & glossy
Contains 10x Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramides keep skin moist & soft

Apply after toner, serum & cream, or in place of cream.  Its lightweight yet moisturizing feels nice and soothing on skin without being greasy or sticky. Absorbs immediately and is great for all skin, even sensitive. The packaging is a hygienic squeeze tube. Green Forest Energy. “Vegan us, Vegan Earth”. VeganUs is animal Testing Free & Peta vegan. They print with eco-friendly soy ink.

Calming, brightening, and smoothing face cream!

The VEGANUS Forest Calming Tone Up Cream, enhanced with a blend of sprout extracts: glycine soja, wheat sprout, viscum album extracts, houttuynia cordata extract, as well as hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, serves as a nourishing brightening and calming face cream. This cream is formulated to prevent skin irritation, promote the fading of discoloration, and leaves your skin feeling super revitalized! It boasts a thick, smooth texture that spreads evenly on the skin.

Heather Gucinski

Loved this product

This was not for me

I have to be honest and say I wanted to really love this @veganus.official @veganus.korea toner up cream and I did at first until the cream had started to pill and feel strange on my face. You can definitely see at the end of the video how I had little white flakes on my face after applying this to my skin after toning, adding serum and such. I did not expect this product to do this at all and not to mention my skin felt a bit strange and kind of dry in a sense? I don't understand why if the products I applied before putting this on were hydration based products. Now before all this had happened in within a few minutes I was really liking the thickness this cream has and how it slathered on my face with just a bit of usage. I was so ready for this cream to nourish my skin and lock in moisture but it really did not work out that way. The only good thing I will say about this besides the texture is that it did brighten up my face some and the packaging is very lovely with the nature vibes.

Super Cool Cream!

First of all, this cream smells amazing! It definitely has a woodsy greens smell. It was instantly cool when I applied it to my skin. I love this sensation in a cream because it really does start to soothe your skin on contact. I have had some very “angry” skin this Summer due to my sun exposure. This cream is exactly what my skin needed. After the cooling, came the glow. I was amazed at how great my skin looked after only one use.