JAYJUN Pom Lemon Duo Eye Gel Patch

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The Jayjun Pom Lemon Duo Eye Patches, and they're excellent. These patches use pomegranate and lemon extracts to hydrate and brighten the under-eye area. They provide a soothing, cooling effect that helps reduce puffiness and refresh tired eyes. They stay in place well, making them convenient to use while going about daily activities.

Intensely nourishing! Love these!

Skincare Routine Surprise! I use a lot of eye gel patches, but these are better than most I've tried, for so many reasons, and I'm so happy I had the chance to try them! MY eyes often look dark, tired & dry looking, not to mention my fine lines & wrinkles!

These Pom Lemon Duo patches are SO nourishing, and I love how much they do for my stressed, tired eyes. I love the deep, soothing hydration and they really help brighten and refresh my eye areas 💛 These eye patches are larger and thicker than most I've tried, and they are drenched in nourishing, soothing gel that is cooling and invigorating! They also contain many of my favourite skincare ingredients 💛

They're easy to apply and surprisingly, they stay in place! The scent is very mild and fresh, and I haven't experienced any irritation. You do have to leave these on for 20-30 minutes, but the results are definitely worth it! My eye areas look refreshed, more awake, depuffed, smoother, and feel so replenished & hydrated, with fewer fine lines, yay! These gel eye patches are excellent, and I will be keeping them in my skincare routine! So happy with them! Recommend 💯‼️

Stacy N.
Super hydrating

I found these patches to be very hydrating and gentle. I have very sensitive eyes, and I experienced no irritation at all! There is so much essence that there is enough on one patch to smooth over your entire face! Unfortunately this causes the patches to slip. I found that wiping excess essence on the back of my hand first before applying really helped. My hands ended up getting some extra TLC at the same time as my eyes!

Dolly Modha
Eye Elixir Unveiled

JAYJUN Pom Lemon Duo Eye Gel Patch is a refreshing treat for tired eyes, providing a cooling sensation upon application. The patches adhere well to the skin and stay in place, allowing for a hassle-free experience. While the citrus scent is invigorating, the brightening effects on dark circles were minimal for me. However, they did help reduce puffiness, giving a more awake appearance. I appreciated the gentle formula, suitable for sensitive skin. Overall, a nice pick-me-up for weary eyes!

Great product!

I use them in the morning and they help reduce puffiness and dark circles