JAYJUN Calendula Tea Eye Gel Patch

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Great eye patches

JAYJUN CALENDULA EYE GEL PATCH by @jayjuncos are calming hydrogel eye patches that soothe and nurture irritated , blemish prone skin.

Key ingredients:
🌼 Calendula Flower
🌼 Niacinamide
🌼 Adenosine

There is a nice refreshing green tea scent and cooling sensation. The eye patches are soaked in a formula and tend to slide down, so I am applying them when lying down.
The best time is to apply them in the morning to reduce puffiness around my eyes. My skin feels smooth, hydrated, and bright, and there is no puffiness after removing eye patches.

Thank you, @NordHive, @jayjuncos & so @jayjunus for sending me great JAYJUN CALENDULA TEA EYE GEL PATCH in exchange for my honest review.


Thanks to @NordHive, I've had the pleasure of exploring some amazing products, and @Jayjuncos has definitely earned a spot as one of my favorites.

Jayjun Calendula Tea Eye Gel Patch infused with calming Calendula Extract, sinks into the delicate skin around your eyes, replenishing moisture levels for a refreshed and radiant look. The cooling sensation instantly alleviates puffiness and inflammation, leaving your eyes feeling revitalized.

The soothing properties of calendula are invaluable for calming and reducing irritation. This eye gel patch is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and works wonders for those prone to redness, itchiness, and dryness. Its anti-inflammatory action reduces swelling and helps to brighten dark circles, revealing a more even-toned and refreshed complexion.

The gel patches are incredibly soothing and refreshing, especially after a long day. They have a lovely scent and feel cool on the skin. Plus, they adhere well to the under-eye area, so I can go about my day without worrying about them slipping off.

I love how easy they are to use - just apply the patches and let them work their magic. They instantly refresh and rejuvenate my under-eye area, making me look more awake and revitalized.

Whether you're dealing with puffiness, dark circles, or tired eyes, these patches are a real quick pick me up for your eyes. Give them a go and see the difference for yourself.

Tip: On hot days refrigerate beforehand then apply your under-eyes will love it!

Love them

These little miracles are infused with the soothing powers of calendula, making them perfect for calming and nurturing my blemish-prone skin.

The hydrogel formula feels incredibly refreshing and helps to reduce any puffiness after those long screen hours or sleepless nights. I've been incorporating these into my morning routine, and the difference is truly noticeable! Not only do my eyes look brighter, but my skin feels soothed and pampered.

Trisha V.
A solid product!

I love using them in the morning to de-puff and brighten my under-eye area before applying makeup

Divine F.
These eye gel patches are a lifesaver!

I have sensitive skin prone to irritation, but these patches are incredibly gentle and soothing.