ELLEYBEAR Purple Sea Soothing Gel

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Super Soft Skin

This lightweight gel is designed to provide moisture and soothe all skin types

🗝️Key Ingredients
💜 Azulene
💜 Chamomile Flower Water
💜 Deep Sea Water
💜 Hyaluronic Acid
💜 Niacinamide

✔️No Artificial Colorants or Scents
✔️EWG Green Grade
✔️ Suitable For All Skin Types
✔️ Oil Free Formulated

💜I love the packaging from the bear on the frosted glass jar to the little fish on the lid. This is one jar I will reuse!

This water based gel has a tinge of purple colour from the Azulene and a beautiful light scent of bergamot (citrus almost - just heavenly).

I found the gel was cool to the touch and had quick absorption however it was sticky at first but that quickly went away. Overall my skin looked refreshed and felt super soft and moisturized.