BOTANICSENS Ph.D. ATO Reducing Formula Intense Moisturizer

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Wonderful for my dry skin

While an intense moisturizer, the texture is still light, and easily absorbed. There is a light citrus and herbal scent from the ingredients, that I find pleasant. 

This cream is light enough to not feel oppressive on a hot, muggy day, yet also hydrating and moisturizing enough for my dry skin. It's also been wonderful post-irritation flare up.

Josie Grace
Smells Great!

I really like the smell of this cream. Its a little thick for me but when my skin is dry it instantly moisturizes it. It leaves a dewy glow.

Mrudula Chandekar
Useful product

Intense Moisturizer is a powerful skincare product designed to deeply nourish the skin, providing both instant and long-lasting comfort to dry and irritated skin. This unique formula helps the skin regain its natural strength, leaving it feeling revitalized and healthy

Kimberly Shomo
Super moisturizing get super light feeling

This is a lightweight lotion that absorbs quickly and leaves skin with a smooth finish. It has such an interesting texture - it looks like a cream and gives the hydration of a cream, but it feels like a gel. I think the undecane (an emollient that is often used in place of silicones) in here does something really different with the texture. I don’t think i’ve come across anything like this before, but I love it!
I like using this moisturizer at night, especially on tretinoin nights, when I need extra hydration and moisture to buffer potential irritation from tret. It feels so light but delivers so much.

Fendi F
Itchy skin relief!

BOTANICSENS Ph.D. ATO Reducing Formula Intense Moisturizer is a lifesaver for those struggling with itchy skin. This intensive moisturizer provides much-needed relief for irritated skin, thanks to its specialized formula. With a focus on reducing atopic dermatitis symptoms, it's a go-to solution for anyone seeking comfort and hydration.