AGROS I'm Not Coffee

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Forum Viren Parikh
Awesome coffee without caffeine

There are so many who dislike caffeine but love having coffee. And this product is an amazing alternative for them. With its great taste and cool packaging, it's sure to win them over.

Tam M Nguyen
Great for coffee taste without caffeine

“Do you want to grab coffee?”
So many people love coffee and the different blends and flavour profiles you can get. Some people I know crave a coffee at night but are worried they won’t be able to sleep after - this product would be perfect for that!

This blend is decaffeinated, hazelnut nut flavoured and has chicory root and Korean barley. Super convenient to carry around, all you have to do is mix with hot or cold water and you’re good to go!

Kübra nur
I loved the hazelnut flavored taste.

It was a drink that I enjoyed throughout my pregnancy. If you are a coffee lover like me but are sensitive to caffeine, I definitely recommend this drink. I also loved the hazelnut flavor. It has a light and soft taste.

Great coffee without caffeine

I'm not coffee” is a new product for me.
I love coffee and drink it every day during the day. My kids are starting to show interest in also drinking coffee and even though I give them a little bit with a lot of milk, this new product is fantastic for them and also for me. Sometimes I want to drink a coffee after dinner but I'm afraid I couldn't sleep well because of the caffeine, but this new alternative “I'm not coffee” fits us perfectly, it is caffeine-free, and tastes like real coffee.
This is a hazelnut flavored coffee, some of the principal ingredients are Chicory Root, that give a soft sweetness to the blend and Korean Barley that gives the coffee flavor.
Thank you very much @NordHive and @agrosofficial for this great product
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I really like the delicious hazelnut flavour of this coffee. It is amazing!

It has a nice aroma as well that just makes you relax and enjoy the drinking experience!