Vita500 is a vitamin drink.

Key benefits are its 500mg of vitamin C (830% RDA) as well as B vitamins, which come inside a formulation that tastes somewhat like a non-carbonated cousin of an energy drink

Kwangdong is an one of the largest medicine, food and beverage manufacturer in South Korea. Kwangdong has 60 year's long business history, also keeping the market leader position with a number of great brand. Vita 500 which is Vitamin C enriched drink that has been dominating Korea's Energy drink market, Corn silk & Oriental Raisin tea is apparently the No.1 & No.2 RTD Tea drink products for Korean consumers.

Protect From 
Curious Eyes

ANBAC privacy screen protector eases your mind when you try to protect sensitive corporate information or work in public places because it helps you to hide your screen at more than a 30-degree angle from the front.

Protect From 
UV Rays & Blue Light

It blocks blue light which comes from the screen and absorbs UV rays. As a result, it makes your eyes comfortable even if you stare at your screen for long hours.

Without Fear 
Of Breakage

ANBAC privacy screen protector for iPhone is made of high-quality tempered glass. Plus, additional coatings prevent fingerprints and scratches on the screen. Those coatings help keep the protector free of smudges and dents, and they allow for long-term usage.

Sara Lawrence


I'm 54 and think my skin looks good for my age. This really improved my dry skin condition. Acts like a barrier, not greasy either. You don't need another moisturizer with this serum. Highly recommend.

Jenny McMahon


Love this product. I have very sensitive skin and this serum does work. Leave face wet after washing, apply just a dab and let the serum draw the moisture right into your skin. 

Olivia Elysia


I have been wanting to try Rooicell for a long time. My face soaked this up like a sponge. Did not trigger my rosacea. I apply in very small drops and spread very thinly across my face. Might need more time to absorb if applied in larger quantities. Consistency is like a jelly. Works great with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

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