The confidence that allows for you to be confident anywhere starts with cleanliness.

TIESO, meaning ‘strong’ in Spanish, it is a men’s cosmetics brand that clearly solves men’s concerns and gives them strong confidence.

We provide solutions for men who feel strongly about grooming and attractiveness. 

The beginning of the confidence, Tieso. Tieso is to help men maintain an attractive image by developing and providing products that are very helpful for healthy skin and skincare. We strive to be a man’s product line that bridges the fashionably aging father’s generation and the son’s generation to live a confident lifestyle. You will be thrilled with the results you achieve with Tieso.

Skin & Beard

We try to offer the best satisfaction with products that will help take care of invisible spots. For proper grooming, products should not cause irritation and it is essential that the core products are antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory.


As TIESO is a licensed company, all products have been approved by the FDA OTC and Europe’s CPNP through clinical tests for safe and effective products.

Own Identity

We are developing our own identity as a product line based on a super plant from Peru called MACA. Physical strength, a requirement for men, strong antibiotics and antibacterial products need to be at the center and will be essential for practically overcoming the physical drains of life and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sonya Mass


Got this for my boyfriend to help soften his patchy beard, and keep his skin soft. It smells wonderful, it's easy to use and although it's too soon to tell how much it will help with regrowth, consistent use should give us a good indication in weeks to come.

Tyson Tyler

Personal Stylish

This is an amazing product line, using all natural ingredients that are refreshing to the skin and smell great. I have tried many, an untold number of men’s facial products and never found one that was able to get me into a routine of using them, until now.

Edwin Davis

Travel Blogger

I’ve been using this Tieso Face Moisturizers Lotion for a few weeks now, and I’m really surprised how much I like it. I was hoping the tint would look good on my skin tone, and I’ve been so amazed at how well it camouflaged my imperfections and left my skin looking healthy and hydrated, without looking like I’m wearing anything tinted.

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