Beauty becomes reality. 

Pobam solves the fundamental problem of rejuvenating the skin and harnessing its own power. 

Pobam is a brand that revives the skin's immune system allowing you to experience a beauty that lasts, not just joy for a fleeting moment.

Perfect for All Skin: Discover the natural beauty of our skin.

Pobam, beauty comes to life.

Home Aesthetic Products

To give you simple and professional home care, Pobam created effective home aesthetic products. Through continuous research and development, Pobam believes in giving beneficial healthy skincare to consumers.

 Beauty Care Treatment 

Pobam has produced this valuable healthy beauty care treatment for consumers' daily lives through continuous research and testing.


Pobam emphasizes the value of ‘authenticity’ by striving for sustainable beauty, such as vegan certification and the use of eco-friendly materials.


Beauty Blogger

I've just got this product and it is very calm and soothing! I personally don't like clay masks or other types of masks where you need to apply with your hands because sometimes it might feel uncomfortable and it tends to harden fast before I lay out it on my face however, this masks texture are much like it as lotions where it is easy to wash off and apply easily! I really recommend this product!


Beauty Blogger

I’ve been using these at night, after washing my face, and they do a great job of getting any additional stuff off my skin while leaving it soft. The pad has a bit of texture to it but you don’t have to scrub your skin with it — just lightly swipe it around your face and it will do a deeper cleaning while exfoliating. After just a few times you can tell a difference in your skin. The best part is that it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. It leaves moisture on your skin and even after you let your skin dry, it doesn’t feel tight or irritated, and I have very dry, sensitive skin. The pads have very little scent. And since you get 70 pads in the jar, it will last more than two months so it’s a good deal.

Angel M Hall

Beauty Blogger

Removes dead skin cells and excess sebum that cannot be easily washed off with water. Also, this provides moisture care at once. With sea water and sea salt, meticulous and non-irritating exfoliation, and replenishment of skin moisture to brighten the skin tone. You can get extra glow on your skin before make-up. Matches the healthy skin pH level between 5 and 6 to moisturize without irritation. This toner pad made with the ideal pH level 5.5 gives your skin a suitable balance for healthy firming and further nourishing effect.

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