Lio Flex

Lio Flex work gloves offer excellent flexibility & fitting, just like bare hands. LIO FLEX’s technology enables shape memory performance, which can minimize fatigue even over long working hours.

Lio Flex work gloves are made of dense fibers and provide a barehanded-like fit, minimizing wear on the material and extending the life of the product.

These gloves are based on the techniques and skills of a craftsman while providing a creative and innovative design.

Best quality, best fit, and best choice. Your best decision along with safety and innovation.

A5 & Level E (EN388)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) revised market standard for cut-resistance glove in 2016. Before the change, cut resistance was measured on a scale of 1 to 5.

The NEW ANSI/ISEA 2016 now has 9 levels to measure the cut resistance (Scale of A1 to A9) and will be more easier to check the performance level and more alignment to European EN 388 market standard. 

Exceptional Touch Screen

Newly developed technology features amazing touch performance. Use your device (Smartphone/Tablets) with all your fingers while still wearing the gloves!

This technology enables the use of all 10 fingers, no need to use just one or two fingers while working anymore.

Strong Durability & Stable Fit

The long-lasting touch functionality and soft fit of this product will not deteriorate with wear. Enjoy the same ease of use as when you first wore it.

Maximum flexibility all over the hand, allowing you to bend your hand comfortably and hold items easily and safely. Our product will keep you comfortable and safe, whether you're working in delivery, packing, or even gardening.

Jessica Rosales


They work very well for me. I'm a meat cutter so I'm not a stranger to getting cut up. I'm sure they saved my skin a couple times. These gloves have given me back some independence in the kitchen! I love them,

Simon Leed

Construction Worker

I have recently tested the gloves with a shucking knife to test its resistance level. So far I have experienced no penetration to my hands, the fiber from the glove is still intact. It is consider to be level 5 cut resistance! I will continue shop with Lio Flex for other categories of gloves.

Paul McMahon


These gloves are by far the best buy I've found so far. As a NBR Foam Coated DMF Free glove, they are great. You can use your phone while wearing them. Giving them 5 stars because I have tried everything else out there. 

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