Shoes that shine brighter at night, magical shoes that children seek first. With an enjoyable toy-like function added, it is the only shoe that gives children excitement and fun while walking.

Children do not want to take these shoes off once they have put them on due to their super cuteness and bright colors. This is the only attractive shoe that makes you want to take a picture of your child for Instagram.

KKOMOMSHOE was started with the belief that moms want to give their children shoes that will give them pleasure while developing their endless imagination. These shoes in animal-shaped LED cases are like magic, shining the paths with beams of light. With each step taken, children will enjoy themselves and increase their imagination thanks to the LED character beams, and we believe it will do the same for many others. The cute, unique shapes of these children’s shoes make their feet look really great!

Designed for Children

Kkomomshoe has pioneered a children's shoe market by developing intriguing functions to stimulate children’s imagination and interests with a cute design line to meet children’s tastes.

Smart Shoes for Children

Smart shoes for children attract children who rarely exercise with a reflected LED beam design from the character on the upper part of the shoes to increase physical activities.

LED Case

The LED case is a character that gives a familiar feeling to children by using children’s favorite characters such as animals, cars or other images that are projected on the ground.

Monica Rexall


Unbelievable! Me and my daughter loved these sandals. The shoes are really cute and price is very reasonable for a shoe of this style. Also the variety of colors.

Michelle Roy

Elementary School Teacher

If you’re looking for something different that stands out from other classmates? These shoes are the best, perfect shoes to keep the kids entertained.

Amy McMahon


I bought these for my grandson which are absolutely amazing. He goes everywhere with them and they stay really nice, very good quality.

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